Big Tobacco Has Caught Startup Fever It’s not smoking. It’s platform-agnostic nicotine delivery solutions.

A year ago Bloomberg Businessweek published this fascinating coverstory on Philip Morris.

Any piece that opens with a paragraph like this just has to be worth reading!

In January, Philip Morris International Inc., the largest publicly traded tobacco company in the world, relaunched its website. Front and center on the home page, a freshly fashioned statement of purpose now greets visitors: “Designing a smoke-free future.” It’s a curious ambition to claim for a company that last year sold more than $26 billion in tobacco products. On the home page, there are no images of its familiar top sellers, no Marlboros or Virginia Slims. Instead, the page displays a provocative, open-ended question: “How long will the world’s leading cigarette company be in the cigarette business?”

Big Tobacco Has caught Startup Fever